BumbleBash 3 will adopt a similar two-day format to the previous two national championships. All teams will be entered into pre-determined round robin "pool play" on Day 1 (Saturday), with the top pool finishers earning guaranteed entry into a championship bracket on Day 2 (Sunday). Those that do not qualify may enter into a single-elimination wild card tournament on Sunday morning to battle for the final spots in the double-elimination championship bracket.

Pool matches will consist of "straight threes," which means one game on each map (day, night, and dusk), with game winning percentage mattering instead of match winning percentage. All wild card and championship bracket matches will be in a best-of-five format.

The extra prize system being debuted at BB3 is called the "Olympics Scoring System," or the "Dang Scoring System," with the goal to incentivize competition and inclusion for teams of all skill levels while simultaneously allowing players to represent their scene and show their city pride as a whole.

All teams will earn points for their home scene based on where they finish in the wild card or championship brackets, although in an attempt to competitively balance larger scenes to smaller ones, a city will only count the points of its top 17 finishers in attendance. For individuals who finish outside the top 17 players from their scene, they will not tally points, but instead deny players from other scenes from earning the points for the spot that they finished in, effectively pushing down the competition in the standings.

There is no penalty for "mixed teams" that include players from multiple cities, as each player earns their points individually based on where the team they are on finishes.

Not only will the top teams at BumbleBash 3 receive their customary honors and prizes, but the top-scoring cities based on this scoring system will also receive grand prizes that they can share as a scene. Traditional grand prizes for top-placing individual teams will also be awarded as usual.